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Shimano RC9 S-Phyre Road Shoes White

The new Shimano RC9 S-Phyre shoes are the self-claimed pinnacle of road competition footwear for long distance comfort and efficiency, and they really are up there with the best road shoes on the market. The interest in this new wave of Shimano shoe began back in April pf 2016, when Sep Vanmarcke finished third in Flanders. His stunning, unlabelled footwear was a hot topic amongst spectators of the race, and after his podium finish, numerous other Shimano sponsored riders were seen donning these same shoes in races around the world. The cycling world was then poised, waiting eagerly to see what the Japanese power house had come up with next, and, now we have them in our hands here at Pushys, we're super excited to show you them.

$ 495.00

Shimano XC9 S-Phyre SPD Shoes Blue

The new Shimano XC9 S-Phyre shoes are the self-claimed pinnacle of XC competition footwear for comfort and efficiency, and they really are up there with the best XC shoes on the market. They're a part of Shimano's new high-performance line of footwear, which aim to take your cycling to an elitist level. These XC9's are a counterpart to Shimano's new road shoes, the RC9's, and share the same comfort and performance driven direction. The XC9's are first and foremost a fantastic looking shoe. In fact, most of us here at Pushys would agree they look better than all our road shoes combined! They're basically a beautiful conglomeration of MTB grit, mixed with the style of a road shoe. The XC's midsole is built from ultra-solid UD carbon, and it has a grippy Michelin outer, which is built around Shimano's reputable Dynalast technology. For closure, Shimano have used their tried and tested Boa system, which offers what seems like infinite adjustment, and allows you to find your perfect fit. This aside, the main talking point of these shoes is in the name; S-Phyre

$ 495.00